Up From the Canvass(ing)

I had the opportunity to do some political canvassing last Friday. One of our tasks was to ask voters what issue was most important to them. Exactly half of those I was able to ask this question stated that the rising cost of health care and health insurance was #1 on their list. One gentleman said his he and his wife’s health insurance premium went up 50% in the past year. Not surprising to me, health care was not on the list of options to select for issues of primary concern. I think this omission demonstrates a few things: #1 – Politicians and political parties aren’t aware, or don’t care that health care continues to eat up a larger and larger share of the family budget (they don’t seem to care that it is eating up our public budget either). #2 – The rising cost of Health Care doesn’t pass the political hot button test (unless they blame Obamacare!) #3 – Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are highly motivated to take this issue on. I mean, look at the constituencies: medicare recipients or those baby boomers that are quickly approaching 65, the health insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the hospital industry, the medical device industry, trial lawyers, and so on.  Lots of votes and lots of money to risk disappointing. It’s an uphill fight to achieve Health Care reform that legitimately takes on the issue of costs, but it isn’t down for the count!


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Husband, father, citizen, homeowner, Realtor and real estate investor.
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